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  • active 1 minute ago
    - "~ Many people will walk in and out of your life. But true friends will leave footprints on your heart. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt "View
  • active 4 minutes ago
    - "<waves paw…..Hi Coney!!@coney-monster "View
  • active 11 minutes ago
  • active 15 minutes ago
    - "@anya you’re a little cutie, aren’t you! Thank you fur being my friend! "View
  • active 19 minutes ago
    - "Meh is a BIG CatScout now! Meh has a brand new grownup kitty uniform!!!!!! Thank You Miss Gracie!!!! "View
  • active 2 hours, 21 minutes ago
    - "@gizmo Forgot to tell you that I am Asst. Troop Leader for the Worldwide Wildcats. We are a really great bunch of Scouts and you are going to love it in our troop. Purrs, Mau "View

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