Keep Warm and Toasty Inside an Igloo

First, learn about igloos:   How igloos keep you warm: Watch How Real Eskimos Build an Igloo: How to Build an Igloo, Step by Step: Take the Quiz Loading Igloos

Tactical Survival Training

Earn Your Badge! To earn your badge, attend the lecture: Class Handout Assignment Good news: NO QUIZ! In the comments below, tell your survival

Mountie Hats?

Found this in the Cat Scouts archive….the first troop ever established in Canada. Please join me in saluting Liam McFuzzface, Larry Longlegs, Etienne deChat, Logan Minou and 

Hooligan Alert!

A Hooligan Vespa Gang was spotted along the waterfront. Who knows what shenanigans they’re up to. Keep your kittens safe and shoo those scoundrels away if you


Cat Camping


First Aid

Cat Scouts Anthem

Search and Rescue


Our Heritage



Cat Scouts is a community of cats who are committed to becoming better cats by living life The Cat Scout Way. The Cat Scout Handbook is their guide on this adventure. Cat Scouts earn merit badges, enjoy the camaraderie of fellow scouts around the campfire, learn Cat Scoutcraft, and do service projects in their communities. They learn self reliance and survival skills. They wear spiffy uniforms. Girlcat Scouts sell Cat Scout Cookies on card tables in front of Piggly Wigglys to raise money for Cat Scout activities.

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