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Cat Scouts is a community of cats who are committed to living life The Cat Scout Way. The Cat Scout Handbook is their guide on this adventure. Cat Scouts earn merit badges, enjoy the camaraderie of fellow scouts around the campfire, learn Cat Scoutcraft, and do service projects in their communities. They learn self reliance and survival skills. They wear spiffy uniforms. Girlcat Scouts sell Cat Scout Cookies on card tables in front of Piggly Wigglys to raise money for Cat Scout activities.

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A hooligan made off with the Denmaster’s sombrero! Can you find it on the Cat Scouts website? Winner gets Scout Banzai’s favorite cat treats:  The first to find it will win a JUMBO PACK of PureBites Freeze Dried Shrimp,



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Dezi joined Cat Scouts to be a part of a community for cats and their parents to spend time together and have fun. She enjoys the camaraderie and caring atmosphere in which scouts look out for each other. She tries to help when she can. She enjoys the events, parties and learning more about each other. Dezi cherishes each and every friendship she has made and feels like they are a part of her family. Dezi’s mommy can’t always help her attend as much as she would like, but she’s always happy to be a part of such an amazing group of cats and their peeps. Being a Cat Scout is something Dezi is very proud of. She was thrilled when she became the Cat Scout Chaplain. Dezi looks forward to many more exciting years as a Cat Scout.


You can follow Dezi’s adventures on her blog at

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The Powerful Paws Patrol was formed in 2014, headed up by Scout Tiger. We have 16 members, many of whose peeps work, so some of us are not as active or as visible around Camp as we’d like to be. When important activities come up, however, the Paws are always ready to join in Camp-wide activities, as well as host some events. Our Patrol’s paws symbol represents the powerful Cat Scout values of friendship and loyalty, very important values to us Paws. Because so many of our peeps work, we embody friendship and loyalty to our patrolmates by making sure that no one gets left behind at events. We Paws are always ready to help and comfort those in need.

Cat Scouts sponsors a rescued cat through the sale of Cat Scouts Rescue Bracelets. We’re currently sponsoring Solarflare:
Solarflare loves people. That’s a really good thing because Solarflare has special needs that require human help several times per day.

As a youngster in NYC, Solarflare encountered some misadventure and hurt his spine. As a result, he has some mobility issues and cannot urinate on his own. Solarflare needs his bladder expressed twice a day. Solarflare lives at Quincy House, the area in Cat World that houses many of the Sanctuary’s special-needs cats. Fortunately, Solarflare is so loving he makes it easy to help with his ‘bathroom breaks’. Read Solarflare’s story here.

is the next cat that Cat Scouts hopes to sponsor.

Somewhere in his travels, Leopold fractured his ankle and it didn’t heal quite right. Leopold’s bad luck didn’t let up. He was hit by a car which re-injured that same back leg. But his bad days are behind him. This tough little lynx point needed specialized surgical care followed by a long and careful recovery. And he got it all at Best Friends –plus a heated cat bed! Read Leopold’s story here.

Cat Scouts Rescue Bracelets for Solarflare and Leopold will be available for purchase on March 5th. We’ll let you know the minute they’re available!

The proceeds from the sale of Cat Scouts Rescue Bracelets go toward sponsoring rescue cats and offsetting some of the costs of keeping running. Rescue bracelets are also available with custom portraits for an additional cost. We’ll post that link shortly.

Cat Scouts is not just about fun and adventure. Scouts also purrform service projects every month. We send birthday and holiday cards to residents of two facilities for the handicapped in Ohio and New York. The recipients often have limited contact from their families, so the cards mean the world to them. They mean a lot to the scouts who send them, too, giving warm and fuzzies that spur them on to contribute even more to their communities.

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