cat-scout-filing-fun-merit-badgeMost cats don’t realize that a very sad time of the year is almost upon us: Tax Season. That’s when your people have to give all their green papers to the guv’mint.

Since it is such a stressful time for them, you can earn a merit badge for helping out. AND you’ll get 50 Karma points for this one.

Now, the most integral part of getting your taxes done is filing. It is essential that your people keep good records in the file box so they can pull them out quickly when the auditor comes to put them in the slammer if they were not good at filing.

Scout Buckaroo is here to demonstrate proper filing technique. First, you get in the drawer that contains all the files. This may require James Bond skills. Scout Bucky had no trouble accessing the drawer.


Then you have to investigate, so  you can take all of the important files, just not things like receipts from a 1968 Tupperware party or the Billy Bass you bought for your redneck brother-in-law.


Don’t give up! Dig in and get those files!


Once you find the most important files, pull them out:


… And then arrange them on the floor in an organized, easy-access fashion, as Scout Buckaroo is demonstrating:


 Ready to file? Post a photo (or more) in the Filing Fun Group. Share stories of how you kept your people out of jail!


DEADLINE: April 15th

PS: For every word from The Bad Word List your people use around you during tax time, they must give you a treat. It’s the law. Somewhere.

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