cat-scout-merit-badge-reptile-studyA reptile is any tetrapod that can lay eggs on land, but is neither a mammal nor a bird. Reptiles have scales rather than fur or feathers. They are cold-blooded, so the best places to spot them are in places where they are basking in the sun to get warm.

When you are out in the wild, hiking to camp, you are likely to see reptiles… which can also be tasty when roasted over the campfire. Just stick a sturdy stick through the mouth, through the body and out that “other” end let the campfire do its work. Their skins turn out extra crispy when cooked this way. Nomilicious!

Of course, if reptiles are not on the menu for dinner, you can observe them and learn how they fit in the ecosystem in which they live.

To earn your Reptile Study Merit Badge, post a photo of you observing, playing with, or studying a reptile in the Reptile Study Merit Badge Group, and tell everyone in the group a little about the reptile you chose to study. You’ll earn 10 Karma points for this badge. And, the Cat Scout who posts the best presentation of a reptile study before October 1st wins an additional 10 Karma points!



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