info-icoCat Scout members are becoming quite competitive over those coveted Cat Scout of the Week and Cat Scout of the Month titles, and many are asking what they need to do to be considered for one of these honors.

The Cat Scouts High Council selects one Cat Scout each week who has best demonstrated living life the Cat Scout Way during the week. This is measured in two ways: Activity points and Karma points.

Karma Points

Karma points stay with you and accumulate over the course of your life as a Cat Scout. You earn Karma points primarily by earning merit badges and by getting awards. Karma points measure the levels of individual achievement in scouting.

Activity Points

Activity points reset each week. Activity points measure the levels of community participation in scouting. The Cat Scouts High Council pays close attention to activity points and will occasionally grant a Karma-point based award as a result of extraordinary activity achievement. And, the activity points are one of the measures used to determine the Cat Scout of the Week/Month. For example, if two scouts are neck-and-neck, having earned the same number of merit badges, but one has 100 more activity points than the other, the activity points will break the tie.

You earn activity points by visiting each day, by commenting on posts, by posting, uploading photos and videos, etc. Additional activity points may be awarded on an ad hoc basis for scouts who demonstrate extraordinary support of fellow scouts.

Although we have not yet begun to award prizes for different levels of participation, in the future scouts will be able to earn special neckerchiefs, garrison caps and other swag when they reach certain point levels.

Achievement Redemption Code

When we first started, we had the scouts enter redemption codes to get their merit badges. We’ve tried to simplify it by manually awarding each badge now without the scout having to enter an achievement code.

Haven’t Gotten Your Merit Badge, Yet?

Because of the sheer volume of merit badges we have to review and award each day, we are bound to miss one or two along the way. Generally, merit badges should show up on your profile within 48 hours of having earned them. If a few days go by and you still haven’t gotten your badge, send a message to @catscouts and ask them where the heck your merit badge is. We’ll get right on it.

You’ll find all of your merit badges listed under the “Achievements” link on your profile.

Please be Patient!

Cat Scouts is growing by leaps and bounds, and we’re still figuring some of it out. Please bear with us as we work to build the best darned Cat Scouting organization you’ve ever been part of!