You can watch online here: is the big total eclipse! Be sure not to incinerate your retinas — either wear non-counterfeit glasses or watch online!

This counts as an astronomy event whether you watch online or fur real. But watching is not enough for the badge: you must also leave a comment below with three eclipse factoids.

Have fun!

(The astronomy Merit Badge program is kinda complicated. There are several levels. Each level consists of 5 event badges. You get points for each event, and every five events get you a merit badge with a bunch of bonus points. The number of points awarded for each event and merit badge increases with each level.)


1st event: stargazer1

2nd event: stargazer2

3rd event: stargazer3

4th event: stargazer4

5th event: stargazer5

REDEMPTION CODE for full-fledged merit badge after observing 5 events: starstruck

6th event: stargazer6

7th event: stargazer7

8th event: stargazer8

9th event: stargazer9

10th event: stargazer10

Expert Astronomer Merit Badge: expertastronomer

11th event: stargazer11

12th event: stargazer12

13th event: stargazer13

14th event: stargazer14

15th event: stargazer15

Galileo Expert Astronomer Merit Badge: galileo


If you watched the eclipse (on- or off-line), AND you dropped by Cat Scouts on 8/21 to talk about it, you not only get your stargazing badge, but you also get a bonus merit badge! ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU WERE HERE ON 8/21!!!!!