CSU Class: Emergency Purrparedness

Sit back and take notes... you must attend this lecture on Emergency Purrparedness and complete the quiz below with a score of 90% to earn your Emergency Purrparedness Merit Badge. LECTURE: EMERGENCY PURRPAREDNESS Emergency Purrparedness Quiz Are you ready to take the quiz on Emergency Purrparedness? You will have 40 minutes to complete this 20-question [...]

Catching up on Badges….

Here are redemption codes for badges we missed in 2017. New Year’s Party hosted by Night Owls: itwasahoot January Eskimo Bday Party: igloo Superbowl Party: superbowl2017 CSU Ski Trip: csuski17 Valentine’s Party: vd2017 Patrol Birthday Bonanza Party: bonanza April Arabian Nights Party: arabiannights June Monopoly Party: godirectlytojail June Riverboat Trip: riverboat June Overnight Camping Trip: […]

Astronomy Opportunity: Geminid Meteor Shower

As earth passes through the massive dusty cloud trailing a three-mile-wide space rock, the nighttime sky will light up with shooting stars on Wednesday. The Geminid meteor shower occurs every December but this year will be an especially brilliant show. A waning crescent moon will cast dim light, allowing the meteors to pop as they […]