The Botany 2 Test will be posted at 12:00 am on May 23rd (Saturday). We’ll post a link to the online quiz. You can take the test at any time this weekend. Once you start the test you will have one hour to complete it.


A. Peony
B. Aster
C. Cardinal Flower
D. Lungwort
E. Candleflower
F. Coneflower
G. Liatris
H. Succulent
I. Columbine
J. Salvia
K. Butterfly Flower (aka Indian Paintbrush, Butterfly weed, or Pleurisy root)
L. Foxglove
M. Hollyhock
N. Shasta Daisy
O. Clematis
P. Daylily
Q. Heuchera
R. Primrose
S. Dianthus
T. Scabiosa
U. Phlox
V. Gentian
W. Chocoholic Cimicifuga
X. Penstemon
Y. Poppy
Z. Alstromera
AA Hollyhock
BB Virginia Bluebells
CC Lupine
DD Arizona Gaillardias
EE Coreopsis
FF Hibiscus
GG Monarda
HH Mallow
II Baloon Flower
JJ Aloha Lily
KK Cyclamen
LL Caladium
MM Princess Diana Clematis
NN Helleborus
OO Heuchera
PP Valentine Bleeding Hearts
QQ Astilbe
RR Hydrangea
SS Azalea
TT Goatsbeard
UU Crocosmia
VV Phlox