s-I-was-getting-tired-of-having-boring-cardboard-boxes-laying-around-the-house-so-I-made-her-a-car.Everything you need to know so far about the Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby to be held starting November 15th is available here. Every cat who enters gets 25 Karma points and 50 activity points!

And we have some grrrreat prizes!


  • Genuine Personalized Cat Scouts Trophy
  • Official Cat Scouts Garrison Cap
  • Official Cat Scouts Neckerchief and Woggle
  • Karma points: 50 (in addition to the 25 you get for entering)
  • Activity points: 100  (in addition to the 50 you get for entering)
  • Invitation to join the first group of scouts testing to advance from Tenderpaw to Bobcat rank.
  • An illustration of you in your car in The Cat Scout Handbook.


  • A box of tissues to wipe the disappointment off your face.
  • Karma points: additional 25
  • Activity points: additional 50


  • Karma points: additional 10
  • Activity points: additional 25


Each scout may list his primary troop* when entering. At the end of the contest, members of the troop with the highest average number of points (total points earned divided by number of troop members) will each win  an Official Cat Scouts Neckerchief and Woggle, 10 Karma points and 25 Activity points. (Only one neckerchief per member.) Troop members who cannot build a derby car can still participate by cheering on their fellow troop members.

More details are on the official Cat Scouts Derby homepage.