And [egg id=”4″]the Winner Is….

Scout Ætheling has been awarded the Cat Scout of the Year title for 2018. This intrepid scout never misses a service project. As you know, the service project is the most important thing we do; it is the heart and soul of Cat Scouts.

Scout Ætheling is one of those behind-the-scenes scouts who never misses an event, steps in to keep the campfire stoked, and always gives a helping paw to Scouts who need assistance. He has amassed over 75,000 points in his time as a Scout. That point total represents service projects, merit badges, event attendance, and day-to-day interactions on the site.

Previous winners of the Cat Scout of the Year Award include Scouts Gracie, Felix, Maggie, Raz, Mau, and Angel Sammy. As much as they all contribute to keeping scouts running smoothly and hosting events, they are not eligible to win the award a second time. (Well, Scout Sammy did, but that was an exception.)

Honorable Mentions

This year, we’re also giving an honorable mention to a few other scouts. These are scouts who have earned over 50,000 points and have not yet been a Cat Scout of the Year.

Those scouts include the A team:
Andy, Anya and Ali,

The two T’s:
Teddy and Timmy.

And last but certainly not least, our Canadian Scout, Shoko.

Maybe one of your New Year’s resolutions should be to take a page from Ætheling’s book and do a good purr daily, turn every frown upside down, complete each month’s service project, and just be the best darned Cat Scout you can be. The CSOTY 2019[egg id=”5″] title is within your grasp!