These puzzles are also available at Jigsaw Planet where you can play them without the headers to get in the way. CLICK HERE to play at Jigsaw Planet.

Holiday Jigsaw: Angel Scout Sammy!

You can also complete this jigsaw on Jigsaw Planet! [egg id="12"]

Jigsaw Puzzle: Rest Break!

A couple of weary scouts take a break during a hike. Can you piece together the scene? (You can also play directly on jigsaw planet.)

Jigsaw: Cat Scouts Barbeque Sauce

…the PURRfect companion for your mouse! (CLICK HERE to play on Jigsaw Planet.)

Jigsaw: Everyone’s Fave — Semaphores!

Skeezix the Cat will be lecturing during Summer School (July 31, Aug 1-2) on Signals, which will cover the Flag Man, Morris Code and hand signals. Do you need to brush up? (Click here if you prefer to do the puzzle directly on Jigsaw Planet.) [egg id=”19″]

Jigsaw: How Will YOU Spend Your Summer Vacation?

How many merit badges are you going to earn this summer?

Jigsaw Puzzle: Semaphore Fun with the Flagman!

If you love the [egg id=”13″]Flagman, you’ll love this jigsaw puzzle!

Jigsaw Puzzle: Give that Kit Scout a Piggyback Ride Back to Camp!

If you don’t pay attention to the squiggles on your topo map, you might not realize how steep the trail is going to be. You might end up having to get down on all fours, and the Kit Scouts with you may get too pooped to continue and you’ll have to give them a piggyback […]

Jigsaw Puzzle: Putting on Your Uniform for the First Time

Putting on your uniform for the first time can be the highlight of any Cat Scout’s life! Try this jigsaw!