Scout Sammy’s Annual Christmas Poem

When Santa asks, “Have you been naughty or nice?” A Cat Scout can answer without thinking twice. Because he lives life in the service of others; He treats every fellow cat like they were brothers. A hooligan, though, will tell Santa a lie And when asked if he’s naughty will not bat an eye. He’ll […]

Submit Your Nomination for Cat Scout of the Year

YOU can help decide who will wear the Cat Scout of the Year 2019 crown! Submit your nomination here: Create your own user feedback survey IMPORTANT! You may only submit one nomination per household. For example, Tim and Einie will have to agree on one scout to nominate. You may not nominate yourself or a […]

Make Up Classes, or Bone Up for Knowledge Bowl!

Welcome to Summer School! Tomorrow we will review what you need to know to purrpare for summer camp. On Thursday, we’ll have a class on Hygiene, which is a requirement for anyone planning to attend summer camp. For today’s class, you can 1) Blow it off entirely and go get lunch at the Student Union, […]

Earn Your Hummingbird Merit Badge Here!

Watch the Video There is a video lecture for this class that’s about an hour long, so if you don’t have time now, you can come back later to watch it. [mycred_video id=”du1XwyDgsHk” logic=”interval” amount=25 interval=30] Complete the assignment Write your assignment in the comments below. Your assignment (about 200 words, or 300 if two […]