What’s New?

The look of the website has been freshened up, and there are additional enhancements in the works. In the meantime, here’s a little help finding your favorite Cat Scout Hangouts: The old sidebar is available from any screen by clicking the hamburger icon next to your avatar in the far upper right corner of the […]

Catching up on Badges….

Here are redemption codes for badges we missed in 2017. New Year’s Party hosted by Night Owls: itwasahoot January Eskimo Bday Party: igloo Superbowl Party: superbowl2017 CSU Ski Trip: csuski17 Valentine’s Party: vd2017 Patrol Birthday Bonanza Party: bonanza April Arabian Nights Party: arabiannights June Monopoly Party: godirectlytojail June Riverboat Trip: riverboat June Overnight Camping Trip: […]

Enter Thanksgivingaway

Only Cat Scouts are eligible to enter. All non-scout entries are automatically disqualified. Each scout must drop by the campfire and describe 3 things for which he is grateful today. Then, try to win stuff! The entry for this group of prizes will remain available until 11pm ET. Winners will be announced before midnight ET on […]

Jigsaw Puzzles!

There’s a new activity at Cat Scouts: Jigsaw Puzzles! Featuring illustrations from The Cat Scouts Handbook, some of your favorite Cat Scout memories are immortalized in puzzle pieces. We’ll be publishing one a week! This week’s puzzle features everyone’s favorite: the flagman! Click here for the puzzle. New puzzles each week are updated in the […]

Summer Camp Updates

We’re scrambling to get all the preparations made for the Summer Camp! FOR THE LATEST SCHEDULES, GO TO THE SUMMER CAMP GROUP. We also have a PDF for you that includes excerpts from the Cat Scout Handbook that will help you BE PURRPARED for the summer camp experience. Photo opps are posted here. (You can […]