Merit Badge: Eggs!

Watch the Vids There are three short videos for this class: [mycred_video id=”viNBAsr7wfA” logic=”interval” amount=25 interval=30] [mycred_video id=”iiV6-Re7KK0″ logic=”interval” amount=25 interval=30] [mycred_video id=”zVtwvmlY7V0″ logic=”interval” amount=25 interval=30] Complete the assignment Write your assignment in the comments below. This poster illustrates just a few of the more interesting eggs you’ll see in nature. (You can click to […]

Cat Scouts Choir Audition: Upload Your Auditions Here!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Use this form to upload your audition tape. Required fields are your name, the track you recorded, and a head shot. If you like, you can upload a second head shot and leave comments and questions. The last two are not required. Need help? Ask in the Choir Group and attend the next[egg id=”10″] workshop […]

How to Record an Audition Tape for the Cat Scouts Choir

[mycred_video id=”awNiUCVQAlA” logic=”interval” amount=5 interval=15 ” width=”235″ height=”130″ autoplay=”yes”]Congratulations on taking the first steps to audition for the Cat Scouts Choir! We will be having a workshop at the Jamboree to walk you through the steps to make your audition tape, but you can benefit greatly by being PURRpared and trying it out beforehand. Please […]