Scout Sammy Inducted into Order of the Arrowhead

Last night was a truly exciting one around the Jamboree’s campfire. One of the finest Cat Scouts–Scout Sammy–was inducted into the Order of the Arrowhead. Any Cat Scout, no matter what the rank, is eligible for the Order of the Arrowhead. They are chosen by the Cat Scouts High Council. Chosen scouts must survive a grueling initiation before […]

Limited Time: a SASE Gets You a Neckerchief and Woggle

The next Quest is sneaking up on us, followed by the Cat Scout Jamboree, and many Cat Scouts still do not own the neckerchief and woggle. No, it’s not your fault, it’s mine. My TBI screwed up my memory and organization skills. I’ve completely lost track of who was sent a neckerchief, and who has […]

What’s a Woggle?

A lot of Cardwood Derby pawticipants were excited to win an official Cat Scout neckerchief and woggle, but then the question arose: “What’s a woggle?” A woggle is a neckerchief slide. It was developed many many years ago, when a few fastidious Cat Scouts decided that the knots in their neckchiefs were not very tidy, […]

Gerlcat Cat Scouts Have Been around Furever

Gerlcats have been part of Cat Scouts since the very beginning. Here is a group of gerlcat Worldwide Wildcats about a million years ago, before the uniforms got cute. Gerlcat Cat Scouts play an important role in Cat Scouting. In addition to raising funds for Cat Scout activities by selling treats on card tables in […]