CSU Class: Cat Scouts Heritage

Attend Class [mycred_video id=”Xlw-jjSVKgc” logic=”interval” amount=25 interval=15] Take the Quiz! The quiz was only available for a week after the class lecture was held. Quiz makeups will be scheduled at a later date. Get the Merit Badge Bonus Video Don’t miss sneaking a peek at Scout Timmy’s [egg id=”16″]Summer Camp Diary! [mycred_video id=”ZDL4O6W9N2M” logic=”interval” amount=50 […]

From the Archive: Cat Scout Patrols of Old

Cat Scout Patrols have been around nearly as long as Cat Scouts. In this olden days photo, you can see a group of eager patrollers getting ready to set out on their quest. You can see how hard it is for these fellows to contain their excitement! Patrols are a swell way for you to […]

Cat Scouts in History: Derwood LeDuc

Cat Scouts honors Derwood LeDuc, a member of the Scouts de Chat during World War II. Derwood is the most famous Cat Scout ever to hail from France, and he went on to serve as scribe for the French Foreign Legion, documenting the charge of the 13th Demi-Brigade in the Battle of Bir Hakeim. Scout LeDuc […]