Jamboree Stargazing

Learn How to Get Started Stargazing [mycred_video id=”XUbG8jboh4M” logic=”interval” amount=20 interval=30] [mycred_video id=”9P8Veb_AlJ0″ logic=”interval” amount=20 interval=30] [mycred_video id=”YMu5k3Ik7JU” logic=”interval” amount=20 interval=30] See Mars! Mars is visible in the southern sky right now, and even with the current full moon’s light, you can still get a good view of it: [mycred_video id=”KBbeP6F_H6k” logic=”interval” amount=20 interval=30] See […]

Scout Sammy Inducted into Order of the Arrowhead

Last night was a truly exciting one around the Jamboree’s campfire. One of the finest Cat Scouts–Scout Sammy–was inducted into the Order of the Arrowhead. Any Cat Scout, no matter what the rank, is eligible for the Order of the Arrowhead. They are chosen by the Cat Scouts High Council. Chosen scouts must survive a grueling initiation before […]

Are Your Dress Uniforms Ready for the Jamboree?

The Cat Scout Jamboree will lead off with a Color Guard Procession and Assemblage, so you will need to press your dress uniforms and polish your shoes! And don’t forget: clean underpants! You can use one of the images below (we also have layered files if you can use those). If you just can’t manage, […]