Astronomy Opp: Blackout!

You can watch online here: is the big total eclipse! Be sure not to incinerate your retinas — either wear non-counterfeit glasses or watch online! This counts as an astronomy event whether you watch online or fur real. But watching is not enough for the badge: you must also leave a comment below with […]

Astronomy Opportunity this Month!

Quick rundown on the Astronomy Merit Badge Program: We offer many opportunities for stargazing, knowing that the weather doesn’t always cooperate. You will get a participation badge for every event in which you participate, and after participating in a total of ten events, you’ll earn your Astronomy Expert merit badge. You can start working on […]

Did You Pass the Botany 2 Test?

The Cat Scouts High Council is pleased to announce that the following Cat Scouts passed the Botany 2 Test: Anya Gracie Aspen Felix Maggie Mau Ali Oliver Hughes Sunny Dora Tiger Trouble Pete Hartley Sammy Kimmell Jaguar Charles Chewie Shoko* Nibbler Obi Pete Sanders* Raz Allie Timmy Tomcat Fleetwood Cat Sammy Pilch Everycat who took […]

Got a Date for the Valentine’s Ball?

On Valentine’s Day, don’t miss the Valentine’s Ball in Raz’s Party Room. Some scouts like brand new Tenderpaw Felix S, here, are looking for dates, so drop by the party room to help line one up if you need one — or play cupid for your friends. But you don’t need a date to have […]

Got Stars in Your Eyes?

Get ready for some stargazing the night of the August Quest! To earn your Cat Scout Astronomy Merit Badge, you must pawticipate in five stargazing activities, and the next two will be held at the August Quest and at the Cat Scout Jamboree in September. For each of the stargazing activities you also earn a Stargazing Participation […]