Expect Delays: Denmaster spent the week in ICU.

After having a seizure while walking the cats she fell straight onto the sidewalk, bruised her brain and blood spurted from her ear. Fortunately, two Cat Scouts were with her and saved the day. The denmaster has a concussion and blood on the brain and really cannot  tend to stuff going on at the clubhouse. […]

Kit Scouts: Use this Summer to Purrpare for the Greatest Adventure of Your Lives!

If you aren’t yet a year old, you’ll have to join KitScouts in prepurration for Cat Scouts when you can join on your first birthday. This summer purrvides a lot of oppurrtunities to practice some camping skills so you’ll be purrpared! Fur example, you and the fellows could have a sleepover. There’s nothing like a […]

Early Cat Scouts

Cat Scouts and Kit Scouts have a long and storied past, with enthusiastic members dating back more than a century. This photo, circa 1910, features Kit Scouts Tigger and Ben outside their tent, where they are practicing their camping skills in anticipation of becoming Cat Scouts on their first birthday.