It’s only natural that when a bunch of fellas get together, maybe on an overnight campout without WiFi, they might pull some shenanigans. Maybe they’ll run somebody’s underpants up the flagpole. Or somebody will sneak in some old copies of Cat Fancy to look at the centerfolds. We understand. Boycats will be boycats. No harm […]

Your Cat Scout Uniform (Pt 1)

Your Cat Scout uniform is designed to be the best clothing anywhere for hiking. Some fellows think that any old clothing is fine for hiking, but you’ll be sorry if you take their advice. Old clothes bind in the wrong places and can cause chafing around your tender bits. They have been designed for sitting […]

Do You… Imu?

Have you ever tried to cook without utensils? Eating without utensils — gophers and rats, for example, eaten al fresco — is easy, but it’s a bit harder to rustle up a full meal without the benefit of cooking implememts. But Cat Scouts are resourceful, and one of the ways to cook a feast without […]

Cat Scoutcraft: How to Tie a Bowline Knot

One of the most challenging skills that Cat Scouts must learn is knot-tying. The lack of opposable thumbs does have its downside, after all. But knot-tying is also one of the valuable skills you can master, and it is especially valuable on Quests when you have overnight campouts. One of the first and most versatile […]

Cat Scouting and Your Life’s Work

Cat Scouting helps develop kittens and cats into fine young mancats and ladycats. The magnetic appeal of the woods, the streams, the hills and of the Cat Scout way of life is a siren call to cats of all ages. Cat Scouting is more than just a way to pass the time not spent napping. […]

Super-Secret Semaphore Phlag Phun

    We’ve talked about Morse Code, and many Cat Scouts are now dah-ting and dit-ting super-secret messages all over the place! Another super-secret way to communicate is by semaphore signals, which is a little like The Village People purrforming “YMCA.” One of the fellows will climb to a high point with two semaphore flags […]

Master Morse Code

A good Cat Scout needs to master Morse Code, which is a super-secret way of communicating with your Troopmates. It is made up of dits and dahs. A dot is a “dit”, and a dash is a “dah”. Dots which are not the final element of a character became vocalized as “di”. For example, the letter […]

Starting Your Patrols

It’s only a couple of weeks until the first competition among patrols, so it’s time for the Troop Leaders to think about gathering the gang and organizing! For the larger troops, now might be a good time for the Troop Leader to choose a trusted Assistant Troop Leader (or the Troop can vote for one). […]

Do YOU know the Symbolism behind the Cat Scout logo?

Every point of the of the Cat Scouts logo is explained, here. We’ve left nothing out! Just click to get a printable size that you can keep under your mattress with all of your prized publications. Click to biggify! If you’ve taken your test, you still have to pawticipate in the investiture ceremony. Do you […]