To earn your Snakes Merit Badge, after you watch the video post a list (in the comments below) of 5 interesting factoids about snakes, and AFTER you have posted your report, you can take the test. Good luck!

Everyone who completes the assignment and the test before 11:59pm on 3/20 gets a 100 pt. bonus. Latecomers have until 3/27 to complete the assignment and test.

1. Watch the video!

It’s a long one….about 40 action-packed minutes.

2. Post a Fun Factoids List

Post your 5 Factoids in the comments below.

3. Take the Test!

Two-cat households may take the quiz together. Just be sure to type in both your names (example: “Homer and Reno”) on the first screen.

Get the[egg id=”11″] Badge

Badges and 250 points will be awarded to those who complete the assignment and pass the quiz. 100 bonus points to those who finish before 11:59 pm on 3/20. The class will be available until 3/27.