The Denmaster is home from the week at the spa hospital, and is behind, but hopes to catch up by …. 2014. Last week’s Cat Scout of the Week, this month’s Cat Scout of the Month and this week’s Cat Scout of the Week will be announced, but probably not for a day or two.

Same with the Halloween Spirit Contest. Same with awarding any merit badges that have been earned since 10/22-ish.

If you want to expedite the awarding of merit badges you have that are outstanding, email (or message @catscouts) with your list of merit badges. Otherwise, we are working our way through as quickly as pawsible, which admittedly, isn’t too quick.

The announcement of the list of  scouts who are eligible to take the tests and undergo the super-secret rituals to advance to Bobcat Rank will be postponed until 11/15.  The Cardwood Derby is still scheduled to start on 11/15.

Thanks for your patience, and especially for your get-well wishes. It never hurts to suck up to the Denmaster.