This face-in-hole project can be done with the actual cat poking his face through the hole, or digitally, by adding a photo of the cat’s head to the cover.

If you want to do a “live” version, print the following four images on letter-sized paper (right-click to save each image). Affix them to a large piece of cardboard or foam core. It works better if the image is a few inches up from the bottom of the cardboard base so that the cat can stand up comfortably while poking his face through the hole.

Cut a hole where the white area is in the last image.

Now it’s time for the cat to stick his face through the hole. When he does, snap a photo. Treats are a good motivator.

Logistically, this is easier if you staple the cover on its base to a box, cutting a hole in the box to line up with the hole on the cover. Doing this makes it more stable and easier to manipulate the cat into position.

When you’ve got the photo, crop it, and you’ve got your face on the cover of The Cat Scout Handbook.

Scout Homer was a willing participant — that’s his finished Face-in-Hole up at the top!

And here’s what the setup looked like:


When you’re done, post the finished photo in the “Face in Hole Fun” group’s album.

Here are the four boycat images you need to print out:





And if you’re a girlcat, here’s a girlcat uniform for you!