cat scouts merit badge campfire storytellingNot a night goes by that you don’t find a group of Cat Scouts gathered around the campfire. And after the s’mores are gone, the stories begin!

Scout Timmy Tomcat and Scout Gracie took the intiative to make this merit badge a reality, just as they’ve made the campfire get-togethers so pawpular. We salute them!

To earn your Campfire Tails storytelling badge, you must attend the nightly campfire and gather everycat present around you to listen to your tail. Ghost stories are traditional, but that is not an official rule. What IS an official rule is that you must bring and offer a special treat or drink to all the Cat Scouts gathered around you. And another official rule is that if there are Kit Scouts present, your ghost story can’t be so scary that they wet their pants.

You get 20 Karma points for this badge.

REDEMPTION CODE: campfiretails

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