Do you know how to spot a hooligan?

There is no place in Cat Scouts for hooligans. Hooligans are those nefarious characters who sneak cigarettes behind the latrine and pepper their conversations with words from The Bad Words List. In the middle of the night, you might catch them in the mess tent swapping the sugar for the salt, or squirting chocolate syrup all over the Denmaster’s tent so that he wakes up in a sleeping bag full of fire ants!

Hooligans are easy to spot. If they try to infiltrate Cat Scouts, they are the ones whose uniforms are always askew. Perhaps they wear cut-off shorts and flip-flops instead of neatly-pressed trousers and hiking boots. Their breath might reek of wacky tobacky. They burp without covering their mouths and saying, “Excuse me!”

Complete the jigsaw puzzle below to see a couple of hooligans in action!