• Denmaster posted an update in the group Group logo of Service ProjectsService Projects 4 years, 6 months ago

    As for the future of the Service Group….

    Due to Nibbler’s Cat-Scout-bashing on social media, it may be time to service some new facilities with a fresh start. I know some of you had some in mind, so email me (TheDenmaster@catscouts.com or karen.nichols@yahoo.com) with your ideas. We will continue to send Feb/March cards, then migrate to new facilities in April.

    • Sounds like a super plan Denmaster…….we can share the love with some new people who can use a smile. Thanks for continuing the program – that’s GREAT news.

    • Would love to work with the St Jude people. St Jude is the saint I pray to more than any other.

    • Macy is concerned that we’ll drop the Rehab folks, so let’s keep them on the list unless Yvonne stirs up trouble there. I think the school was her pet project, so maybe she’ll leave us to send cards to rehab.

    • I’m sorry that Nibbler is gone but I also realize that things were not running as smoothly as I expected. I was also having difficulty sending cards out as coming from Canada they needed a fair bit of time to get to the receiver…this was not the case. Nibbler was always nice with me and there were no problems. For this I am grateful. Thank you Denmaster for telling it as it is. I for one respect you very much for being so open and honest.

      Scout Shoko