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    UPDATE: the assignments for the Valentine’s Day project has been posted on the home page: http://www.catscouts.com/bonus-service-project-valentines-cards/.

    @aetheling: Until this time we had suspended the sending of holiday cards because it became overwhelming, and scouts were giving up on the service project altogether because it was just too too much. And, the scout who was in charge of organizing it kind of imploded. Messy business. So we halted holiday card-sending for 2016.

    With this Valentine’s project, we are dipping our toes and paws back in the water to see if we can do it efficiently, and not turn it into a BIG THING. Just one card for each resident, and no scout has to send out more than a couple cards.

    If this goes well, we may do Easter Cards for the NYSARC facility. No promises until we get feedback from everyone.

    At this time, if we do proceed with various holiday cards, it likely will just be Easter cards for the NYSARC facility, then Christmas cards for both. But one step at a time…. if it once again becomes an onerous burden, we’ll step back and proceed more slowly.

    @aetheling – Each month you can elect to send out as many or as few cards as you can manage. Usually, that’s about a half-dozen cards to each facility. Most of the cards are handmade and feature photos of the scouts. But the sky’s the limit. You can do whatever you like.

    We do prefer, if possible. that each scout sends a card to all the birthday people; we don’t want one to get ten cards, then someone at the bottom of the list only gets one. If you can’t sent out all the birthday cards, work with someone in your patrol to split up the names so that no one gets left out.

    [bpfb_link url=’http://www.catscouts.com/bonus-service-project-valentines-cards/’ title=’UPDATE Valentine’s Project Assignments – Cat Scouts’ image=’http://i1.wp.com/www.catscouts.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/cover-vd-1.jpg?fit=1200%2C331′]Thanks to every scout who signed up to pawticipate in the Valentine’s Day project. Below is the list of assignments. Because we had good participation, no one has to send out more than 3 card…[/bpfb_link]