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Achievement Name Karma Description
Achievement Name Karma Description
Birthday Badge 2016 100

Happy Birthday from Cat Scouts!

Party Badge – Independence Day 2015 25

If you attended the July 4th picnic, user REDEMPTION CODE 4julypicnic to claim 25 karma points.

Merit Badge: Blue Angels 25

If you watched the Blue Angels Flyover, use REDEMPTION CODE blueangels to claim 25 karma points!

Party Badge: June 2015 Birthdays 100

If you attended the June Birthday Party, you get 100 Karma points!
REDEMPTION CODE: june2015bday

Merit Badge: Yachting 100

If you participated in the Yacht Trip hosted by Seacats on June 6/7th, claim your merit badge!

Party Badge: May ’15 Birthday Party 100

If you joined in celebrating May Cat Scout birthdays, you’ve earned a participation badge and 100 Karma points.

Participation Badge: Valentines Day Party 100

If you attended the Valentine’s Day Hearts and Flowers Dance, you get 100 Karma points!
REDEMPTION CODE: heartsandflowers

Participation Badge: Super/Kitten Bowl Party 50

If you attended the Superbowl/Kittenbowl Party (on Feb 1 2015), you earn 50 Karma points.

Participation Badge: Winter Wonderland Party 50

If you pawticipated in the Winter Wonderland party hosted by Scout Cat on 1/17/15, you’ve earned your Winter Wonderland Participation Badge.

Party Badge: New Year’s Eve Pawty 100

If you attended the Cat Scouts New Year’s Pawty in Raz’s Party Den, you get 100 Karma points, and Happy New Year wishes from Cat Scouts.
REDEMPTION CODE: newyearsparty

Christmas Gift: Must Redeem Today! 100

Happy Christmas to everyone from Cat Scouts World Headquarters!
As a special gift, for TODAY ONLY, you can receive 100 Karma Points. THEY MUST BE REDEEMED TODAY!
To earn it, drop by the campfire and … (more)

Participation Badge: Christmas Party DEC 15th 100

If you attended the Cat Scouts Christmas Party on December 15th, you earn 100 Karma points and this badge.
REDEMPTION CODE: ivebeennice

Travel Badge: North Pole Trip 100

If you joined Scout Sammy and his co-pilot Scout Raz for the trip to the North Pole, you get 100 Karma points!

Merit Badge: Do a Good Purr 25

Before we release the new Shenanigans Merit Badge for Hooligans, we are trying to stay in the spirit of the season and once again offer the “Do a Good Purr Daily” badge.
How have you tri… (more)

Party Badge: Birthdays NOV 2014 100

If you attended the December birthday party on Dec 6, you score 100 Karma points and  a badge.

Party Badge: November Birthday Party 50

If you participated in the November Birthday Pawty, here’s your badge.

Party Badge: Halloween Purrade and Pawty 2014 50

If you participated in Cat Scouts’ Halloween purrade and pawty, claim your 50 Karma points!
REDEMPTION CODE: halloweenpurrade14

Participation Badge: Canadian Thanksgiving 50

Did you celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with Scout Shoko? If so, you’ve earned 50 Karma points and a Canadian Thanksgiving Participation Badge!
REDEMPTION CODE: canadaturkey

Participation Badge: Fish Rodeo 100

If you participated in Pete’s Fish Rodeo and had your catch purrpared at Pete and Raz’s fish truck, you’ve earned 100 Karma Points and a Fish Rodeo Participation Badge.


Participation Badge: Oct 2014 Birthday Party 100

If you participated in the monthly Cat Scouts Birthday Party in the Birthday Party Room on October 5th, you earn 100 karma points and this participation badge!

Participation Badge: Carnival 100

If you attended the Carnival hosted by Scout Nibbler on Sep 27/28, you’ve earned this participation badge and 100 Karma points!

Birthday Badge 150

Awarded by the Denmaster on your birthday.

Quest 3: Wellnessmaster 25


Quest 3: Knowledge Bowl Winners 100


Quest 3: Knowledge Bowl Whiz Kit 100


Quest 3: Magic Bus Ride 100


Quest 3: Rock Climbing 100

REDEMPTION CODE: rockclimbingq3

Party Badge: Sunny/Tea’s Tea Pawty 100

Attend Sunny/Tea’s teaparty on 8/17 and you will score 100 Karma points.

Participation Badge: Sammy’s Bayou Tour 250

If you attended Sammy’s Bayou Tour (AUG 8-10 2014) you get the following karma points:
Friday: 50 pts (REDEMPTION CODE: bayoufri)
Saturday: 50 pts (REDEMPTION CODE: bayousat)
Sunday: 50 pts (… (more)

Pawticipation Badge: Aug 2014 Birthday Pawty 50

Attend the August 2014 Birthday Party in The Birthday Den and earn 50 Karma Points!
REDEMPTION CODE: bdayaug2014

Merit Badge: Camouflage 20

One of the most valuable skills a Cat Scout can master is the art of camouflage. If you blend into and become one with your surroundings, you’ll become more adept at catching prey as well as av… (more)

Merit Badge: Dancing (Photoshop) 10

Shake your bootie and demonstrate your Sock Hop skillz! For the Cat Scout Merit Badge in Dancing, you must do one of the following (Redemption codes next to each in bold):

Post a photoshopped photo … (more)

Participation Badge: July 4th Purrade 50

If you participate in the 4th of July Purradge, you earn 25 Karma points and this Participation Badge.
(If you not only participated in the Cake Walk, but ALSO Flag Day and t… (more)

Participation Badge: 4th of July Cake Walk 50

If you participate in the 4th of July Cake Walk and Picnic at The Campfire, you get 50 Karma points and this Participation Badge.
If you not only participated in the Cake Wa… (more)

Merit Badge: Patriot 100

If you participated in at least three of these activities:

Flag Day
4th of July Purrade
July 4th Cake Walk/Picnic (at campfire on July 4th)
Veteran’s Day

You have earned your Patriot Merit Ba… (more)

Merit Badge: Int’l Boxing Day 20

Group: International Blogville Boxing Day
Date: June 19th 2014
REDEMPTION CODE: intlboxingday
Participation Badge Karma Points: 20

Merit Badge: Flag Day Plus 40

Cat Scouts World Headquarters is lucky to be located in a nice neighborhood on the edge of a forest where the neighbors look after each other and everyone knows everyone elses’ names.
And this… (more)

GEO Badge: Philippines 125

If you join the other fellows and gals on the trip to the Philippings (where Scout Sushi lives), you can earn a Geo Badge for the trip… and 125 Karma points.
Scout Sushi and Scout Sammy are off… (more)

Merit Badge: First Aid 25

We’ve talked about first aid previously. For example, if you are in an accident, your first aid skills could save a life.
You might remember this passage from a couple of months ago:
Once, a lo… (more)

Merit Badge: Patience 100

For all of the Cat Scouts who patiently waded through the slow response time during Quest 2, here are 100 Karma points and a Merit Badge for Patience.


Merit Badge: Laserbeam Eyes 30

This week, we’ve been talking a lot about scoutcraft secret message skills: Morse Code and Semaphore Flags. However, you don’t need a Morse Code machine to send coded messages. You can ha… (more)

Merit Badge: Yoga 20

Thanks to Scout Sushi, we now have a merit badge for yoga.
And it comes at a good time, given the food fest that was the Superbowl pawty.
Yoga is easy. You just tangle yourself up in goofy pawsitions… (more)

Rank Promotion: Bobcat 100


Merit Badge: Noms (video) 20

By pawpular demand, Cat Scouts is releasing the NomNomNom Merit Badge.
To earn the badge, post a photo or video in the NomNomNom Merit Badge Group demonstrating your nomming talents.
Because this is… (more)

Merit Badge: Computer Technology 10

Computers are a part of our daily lives. And they can help you become a better Cat Scout. You can send emails to your Congressmen in support of environmental causes, get a Cat Scout penpal from acros… (more)

Merit Badge: Journalism 10

The power of the pen cannot be underestimated, especially when you don’t have opposable thumbs.
Journalism is one of the driving forces that helped build this great country of ours. Cat Scouts who … (more)

Merit Badge: Bunnykicking 10

In addition to The Bitey, bunnykicking is a versatile and invaluable skill for any Cat Scout to master. You can employ it to keep pesky sisters in line, or to overpower prey on a camp out so you don&… (more)

Merit Badge: The Bitey 10

The Bitey is as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife. To earn it, post a photo of yourself in The Bitey Merit Badge Group giving The Bitey to someone or something. And remember, never put the bitey… (more)

Merit Badge: Tent Camping 10

To earn the Tent Camping Merit Badge, post a photo of yourself and your tent in the Tent Camping Merit Badge group. Your tent needn’t be fancy. It can be as simple as a folded-up newspaper, as … (more)

Be Purrpared. 25

Are you ready for Cat Scouts?
The Cat Scout motto is “Be Purrpared,” and you’ll receive this achievement after you’ve been active in Cat Scout Groups ‘n’ Troops.

Tenderpaw Rank Patch 10

When you first sign up for Cat Scouts, your rank is Tenderpaw. This is the patch that will tell the world you are a proud member of Cat Scouts.
The next ranks are:


The… (more)

Merit Badge: Friendship 100

The first (and easiest) Cat Scout Merit Badge is for friendship. This will set the tone for the camaraderie you’ll experience as part of a Cat Scout Troop.
To get your Cat Scout Friendship Mer… (more)

Viewing 52 achievements’ progress - 1 through 52 (of 52 total)