campfire-carolsAround The Campfire every night, scouts are singing and cheering and stuffing themselves with s’mores. And since it’s the holiday season, it’s time for Christmas carols!

Here’s how to earn this badge:

Go to The Campfire, grab at least TWO scoutmates, and sing a Christmas Carol together. Why must there be at least three cats singing? Because Christmas carollers always go around in groups. And you need at least three for a group.

You will earn 10 Karma points for this badge. If you sing an original Cat Scouts Christmas song that you’ve written, you will get 25 Karma points. If you sing a song with another group of carollers, and subsequently gather a group of carollers to sing the song you’ve written, you can take points for both. You can get the full 25 songwriting points for re-writing and cat-ifying an existing Christmas carol.

Bobcat Mauricio gets 20 Karma points for suggesting this badge.


Sing a song: xmascarols
Sing a song you have written about Cat Scouts and Christmas: xmascarolwriter