cat scouts deck the halls merit badgeThe Christmas holiday season is the most funderful time of the year. Well, unless you’re a hooligan and get coal in your stocking.

Next to getting extra treats and toys, the best part is helping your people decorate and put up the tree. Of course, they have trouble getting it just right, so you always need to snoopervise, climb up into the tree to help get everything balanced, and check under the Christmas tree skirt to make sure no hooligans are lurking.

So, the Deck the Halls merit badge will reward your work with 15 Karma points for a photo or 30 points for a video. Just post a photo or video in the Christmas Fun Group showing off your decorating savvy, and use the following redemption codes to get your points:


photo: deckthehallsphoto

video: deckthehallsvideo

Allie and Bubba each get 20 Karma points for suggesting this badge.


cat helps decorate chrismtas tree