cat scouts first aid merit badgeWe’ve talked about first aid previously. For example, if you are in an accident, your first aid skills could save a life.

You might remember this passage from a couple of months ago:

Once, a long time ago, a school bus skidded off the road, split in half and burst into flames. The driver was seriously injured and his blood and brains were spurting out all over the windshield like a plate of spaghetti.

Fortunately, a Cat Scout was on board. He quickly took command. He turned off the engine, got the emergency door opened, helped get the injured children out, bandaged up the driver, put his brains back in his head and stayed with him until help arrived.

cat scout saves school bus crash victims lives and puts brains back in bus driver's head

When authorities arrived on the scene, they asked the young Cat Scout, “How did you manage to save the driver and all those children from perishing in a blazing inferno?”

“Well,” said the Cat Scout, “the first time I ever rode a bus I asked myself, “Self, what would you do if we ever had an accident? I looked around, noticed how the driver operated the motor, read the instructions for opening the emergency door. And then, I used my Cat Scout first aid training.”

I can say without doubt that when I fell on the sidewalk and hit my brain while hiking with my cats a few months ago, I would not be alive today if it weren’t for their Cat Scouts first aid training. While Mr Denmaster was running around, waking neighbors up and causing a ruckuss, Scout Buckaroo and Scout Tripper attended carefully to me, putting my brains back in my head until the sirens came.

But First Aid training need not be so dramatic. You could lick a paper cut, or administer purrs when your purrson seems a little down. Sometimes it is helpful to take all of the stuff out of the First Aid Kit unwind all the bandages and stuff and play cowboy games.

So if you can demonstrate your First Aid Prowess, claim you merit badge by posting a photo in the First Aid Merit Badge Group.


NOTE: Denmaster was a sleepyhead when she set up this badge, so make sure you enter the redemption code as shown here, in all caps.