cat-scout-merit-badge-fishery-managementWildlife management is the science and art of managing the wildlife with whom we share our planet. Maintaining the proper balance and the dynamics that go with it require careful attention.

As stewards of the environment, it is our duty as Cat Scouts to help minimize or eradicate the possibility of extinction of any species. We want our descendants to have the opportunity to experience the same yummy noms that we now enjoy.

Chief among those noms is fish. As in Tuna. Shrimp. Salmon. Can you imagine a planet without this stinky goodness?

These fellows here are enjoying fishing (and following the rules while they’re doing it) because of the excellent fishery management practices of their forefathers.


So, now is your opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of Fishery Management. Maybe you play with a fishy wand toy or catnip fishy so that you don’t unnecessarily harm real live fishies. Maybe you’re lucky enough to supervise your family’s aquarium or koi pond. Or perhaps when you go fishing in the wild outdoors and you aren’t that hungry you practice catch-and-release instead of catch-and-nomnomnom.

Post a photo or video of your Fishery Management skills in the Fishery Management Merit Badge group. You’ll get 10 karma points for this one.