cat-scout-merit-badge-halloweenShow off your Halloween spirit and earn a Merit Badge and 10 Karma points! Post your photo or video in the Halloween Spirit Merit Badge Group.

To show off your Halloween spirit you must wear a costume, as defined by having something attached to your body. No photoshopping.

Individual Scout Awards

The top 3 costumes earn 25 Karma points and an additional 50 activity points, to be awarded on Halloween.

Best Costumed Troop

In addition to the individual awards, the best costumed troop can also score awards. Because some Scouts belong to more than one troop, you must name the troop with whom you want to compete with your entry. The troop award will be determined by overall troop spirit, percentage of participating troop members, and quality of costumes. Only participating troop members are eligible for awards. Winning troop members will win 10 Karma points and an additional 25 activity points.