let it snow cat scout merit badgeIf your family lives in a cold clime, they may have had it with Winter already, and who could blame them? You spend so much essential nap time searching for non-existent sun spots. And, you can only eat so many s’mores to keep you warm.

But if you go outside. woooo hooooo! There’s tobagganing, snow angels, the biathalon, snowboarding — the list of activities goes on and on.

So, for this merit badge, we need a photo or video of you touching ALL FOUR PAWS to the snow. You don’t have to be shusshing or making snow angels or doing anything fancy. You could just be posing in front of the ski lodge holding hot toddies … as long as all four paws are on the white stuff.

Because of the high risk of frostbite and gangrene, you can get 50 Karma Points for this.


If you don’t live in freezing weather, there’s always the swimming merit badge. Thanks to Sh0ko and other snow angels who suggested this badge.