cat scouts merit badge meatloafCat Scouts is not just rolling out a new merit badge today; we are rolling out a new and faster way for you to get merit badges credited to you!

Since Cat Scouts are, by definition, an honest bunch, we are launching a self-policing method of merit badgery. In each group, and with each merit badge’s achievement description, we will post a redemption code for all to see. Once you have posted your photo or video in the appropriate group, you can use the redemption key to get the badge. The form appears in the footer and right sidebar of every screen.

Here’s the catch: If an unscrupulous “Scout” tries to game the system and add badges s/he has not earned, they will have ALL merit badges (even the earned ones) revoked, and they will start back at zero Karma points and zero merit badges. And they will be subject to the derision of their peers.

If you are unsure if what you’ve posted is sufficient to earn a badge, you can always message us (@catscouts or via and we’ll check it out and let you know if it passes muster.

We know that sometimes we can make honest mistakes (the denmaster does all the time, as you know), and if you realize you’ve erred, let us know and we’ll fix it. If you have demonstrated that you are a Cat Scout of high moral standards in the past, we will give you some leeway.

The denmaster will still review all of the merit badge activity, but it is hoped that this will remove any backlogs that occur and free up the denmaster to add new features and fun to Cat Scouts. And, you’ll get your badges a lot faster.

Just give us a day or two to update the site with all of the redemption codes.

Now, for the newest merit badge: The Meatloaf.

meatloaf cat

This may be the easiest merit badge for the Cat Scout to earn. Get a photo of yourself in your very best meatloaf pawsition, and you’ll earn a merit badge and 10 Karma points.

Post it in the Meatloaf merit badge group. Share meatloaf stories!