cat scouts merit badge: ninja movesWith the quest out of the way (until the next one!), it’s time to focus on merit badges, and yessiree, this next one is a DOOZY!

If you are adept at ninja moves, this is the merit badge for you. And you don’t even have to wear a ninja costume.

One of the skillz a ninja excels at it blending into his/her surroundings. After all, the element of surprise is your greatest ally.

So, post a photo in the Ninja Moves Group of you, camouflaging yourself in your surroundings. For bonus points, after you’ve posted the first photo, post a photo of yourself practicing your ninja moves.


Camouflaging yourself (15 pts): ninja01
Ninja moves (30 pts): ninja02

(note: you cannot get the Ninja Moves points UNLESS you’ve posted the camouflage photo.)

You can thank Scout Socks for suggesting this badge. Scout Socks, we salute you!

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