cat scouts sing a song merit badgeScout Mauricio suggested that we have a singing merit badge.

We will announce the Christmas Carol merit badge later this week, but if you are a budding Burt Bacharach and can compose your own songs, you can earn the Sing a Song merit badge and 25 Karma points.

This is a little different from other merit badges, since you don’t have to produce a photo. But you do have to write an original song, and lead your fellow scouts in song.

You will do this either at The Campfire, or in your Troop’s group.

The song should be related to the joys of Cat Scouting or activities related to it, and should be at least 3 verses long. No rule on how long the verse needs to be. It should be kind of rhymey, though, like most songs are. Rap is not allowed, because it usually incorporates words from the Bad Words List, and encourages hooliganism.


Scout Mau scores 20 Karma points for his suggestion, and more scouts will have their merit badges rolled out in coming weeks. Suggest your merit badge here. Scout Mauricio, we salute you!