To earn your Stormy Weather Merit Badge, after you watch the video post a report (in the CSU Lecture Hall) of about 300 words describing a type of storm you experience where you live. Explain some of the science behind what causes that type of storm, what it’s like for you during the storm, what you might do to prepare for it or protect yourself from it, etc. If you have pictures, even better! If there are two scouts living in your home, you can team up to write a single report that’s 400-500 words in length. (Word count is approximate.)

AFTER you have posted your report, you can take the test. Good luck!

Everyone who completes the assignment and the test before 11:59pm on 2/20 gets a 100 pt. bonus. Latecomers have until 2/27 to complete the assignment and test.

1. Watch the video!

2. Post a Report

Post your report in the CSU Lecture Hall.

3. Take the Test!

Two-cat households may take the quiz together. Just be sure to type in both your names (example: “Homer and Reno”) on the first screen.[egg id=”22″]

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