cat scouts thanksgiving merit badgeThis week, Cat Scouts can earn a merit badge for Thanksgiving Spirit.

Thanksgiving can be held at different times in different countries, but Cat Scouts are always aware of reasons to be thankful, whether it’s for a cozy heated cat bed, or the oppurrtunity to build a car for the Cardwood Derby.

For the Thanksgiving Merit Badge, the sky’s the limit. What’s best is for you to tell a story from a cat’s point of view of the first Thanksgiving. But you can also tell about all the things you are thankful for, or show a photo of yourself in a Pilgrim, Indian, or a turkey, tofurkey or turducken outfit. Post your enry in the Thanksgiving Spirit group.

To get you creative juices flowing, this is the story that Scout Buckaroo came up with:


William Bradford, first governor of PlymouthThis is a pikcher of Guvner Willyum Bradferd, the ferst guvner of Plimmith colony. He is my lady’s 10th grate grandfather. So I have ferst-hand nolidge of whut wint on at the ferst Thanksgiving.

Guvner Willyum Bradferd was a reel cat persun. He brot lots of cats on the bote they rode to Amarika on becuz he new that cats loved to eat rats and botes were full of  ’em. Win they got to Amarika, Guvner Willyun Bradferd  and his cats made frends with the Indiuns.

The ferst Thanksgiving wuz GRATE! Becuz the pilgrumz came frum Englund, they only new how to make English foods like spotted dik and todes in the hole and cullen skink. And they slatherd Daddy’s Brown Sause all over evrything to make it taste not as bad. The Indiuns shode them how to make fresh terkey with stuffing and gravey and pumkin pie. Ixsept the pumkin pie wuz not served with reddy wip or cool wip, wich frankly, is the best part of Thanksgiving next to the terkey. But the ferst Thanksgiving wuz a Fansy Feest, wich is how that cat food got its name.

The pilgrum cats had to eat at the kids’ table, wich wuz better than not gitting to eat at all. Or gitting eaten. The Indiuns were funny that way, so the pilgrim cats had to be kind of vijilunt around the Indiuns. They tride to stay a little on the skinny side becuz Indiuns did not bother to eat boney cats.

I am thankful that I am part of such an illustreeus famly. I am ixsited about gitting to sellubrate my ferst Thanksgiving, and am espeshully thankful I won’t have to sit at the kids’ table. In fakt, I’m thankful I don’t live with skreemy kids.



To earn your Thanksgiving merit badge, post your entry in the Thanksgiving Merit Badge group. The redemption code is thanksgiving. You will earn 25 Karma points for this badge.