cat scout merit badge: the biteyOne of the most important skills for a Cat Scout to master is The Bitey.

It is as versatile as a Swiss Army knife. It can be used to keep pesky sisters in line, to dispatch catnip mice and feather toys, and to make things go dead when you are foraging in the wild.

The Bitey can also be used in conjunction with The Bunnykick to deliver a powerful one-two punch.

As a Cat Scout, it is important to know when to use The Bitey and when to refrain from using it. For example, you should never put The Bitey on the hand that opens cans of cat food for you.

But pesky sisters are fair game.

To earn your merit badge for The Bitey, join The Bitey Merit Badge group and post a photo of yourself demonstrating mastery of The Bitey techniques.

Here is an example of The Bitey as demonstrated by Scout Bucky: