super-special-peer-awardCat Scouts is delighted to announce a new awards program (suggested by Scout Hermes). It is a Peer Award program for Super Special acts or service that deserves special recognition by your peers. Recipients will be awarded 250 karma points.

To submit your nomination for the award to a peer, email with the name of the scout you’d like to recognize with a short description of the reason you’d like to nominate that scout.

Because the award is Super Special, we will limit the number of times that the award will be given: no more than once a week. And, an individual scout cannot win the award more than 3 times in a 6-month period. Each scout cannot nominate anyone more than once a month.

The first recipient of the award is Scout Charles, nominated by Scout Hermes. Scout Charles was nominated for something truly Super Special: his family adopted Scout Foxy when she needed to be rehomed while her family relocated. We were so happy that Scout Foxy was able to be active in scouts, and even happier that she got a super special place to stay. Congratulations, Scout Charles!