I know at least a couple of you are about to wet your pants, worried that your Cardwood Derby entry won’t be completed in time for the big race. After all, it’s just a couple of days away!

So it’s time to rev up the effort and turn on your afterburners! You can post your entries in the Cardwood Derby 2017 Group when you’re done. It’s okay to post your in-process photos there, too!


Your entry can be any type of vehicle. Originality trumps speed.

At least one cardboard box must have been used in its construction.

You must be photographed driving your vehicle for your entry to be valid.

Only Cat Scouts are purrmitted to enter.



Competing scouts post their entries April 1-3 in the Cardwood Derby 2017 Group. On April 4th, we’ll post a ballot for determination of the Pawpular Vote winner. Non-scouts are purrmitted to vote in the pawpular vote; however, if hooligans attempt to stuff the ballot box, their votes will be deleted without warning or notice.

While all this is going on, our celebrity judge will determine his/her favorite. The Grand Prize winner will be chosen using an algorithm that combines the pawpular vote, the celebrity vote, and the vote of a small impartial panel of voters chosen by The Denmaster.

The exact final date for the awards ceremony has not yet been set; We’re working with the celebrity judge’s schedule, and trying not to interfere with Holy Week. Probably around 4/10.


The Grand Prize winner gets a purrsonally engraved trophy and worldwide fame and bonus karma points.

Every entrant gets 1000 karma points and a merit badge.

We usually award a number of additional trophies, medals, and prizes as the spirit moves us.

During entry weekend, we will have some Amazon givewaways going on for instant-wins.