Last night was a truly exciting one around the Jamboree’s campfire. One of the finest Cat Scouts–Scout Sammy–was inducted into the Order of the Arrowhead.

Any Cat Scout, no matter what the rank, is eligible for the Order of the Arrowhead. They are chosen by the Cat Scouts High Council.

Chosen scouts must survive a grueling initiation before their induction. This includes spending 24 hours in the wild wearing only a loincloth (boycats) or a Wilma Flintstone dress (girlcats). They are sent off with only a blanket, one egg, a compass, two matches, and the wealth of knowledge they’ve learned about wilderness survival in Cat Scouts.

Scout Sammy works tirelessly to organize fun activities for Cat Scout recreation, including the monthly birthday party. Cat Scouts just wouldn’t be what it is today if not for him.


Scouts Sammy earned a white Order of the Arrowhead sash to wear as part of his formal uniform. He will also get a special limited edition Cat Scouts Jamboree neckerchief.

Concatulations, Scout Sammy!

TONIGHT’S ACTIVITY: The Knowledge Bowl! Meet at the Campfire at 7pm to compete with your patrol!