Get ready to saddle up and board the helo for Search and Rescue training. Scout Dirk purrvides the lecture below, and when you’re ready, take the test. If you pass the test you’ll earn your Search and Rescue Merit Badge. Then, once you complete First Aid Training, you will be eligible to join your troop’s Search and Rescue unit.

LECTURE: Search and Rescue

QUIZ: Search and Rescue

You’ll have 30[egg id=”20″] minutes to complete this 15-question quiz. If you pass, use redemption code SAR to get your Search and Rescue merit badge.

Bonus Points

If you attended the lecture at CSU on 4/18/18, you get bonus points. REDEMPTION CODE: sarbonus1

If you pass the quiz before 4/25/18, you get more bonus points. REDEMPTION CODE: sarbonus2

SAR Kit Checklist

CLICK HERE to download a list of all the stuff you need to pack in your SAR kit.