Botany Class

 Class, Part 1: [mycred_video id=”_Q9H1lTH3RM” logic=”interval” amount=5 interval=30]   Class Part 2: [mycred_video id=”KqQWlDjoNgM” logic=”interval” amount=10 interval=30]   When you’re ready, take the final exam: Loading Cat Scouts Botany Merit Badge Test   Those who take the exam and pass it before 11:59pm on Jan 30 will get a bonus of 100 pts. The exam […]

Did You Pass the Botany 2 Test?

The Cat Scouts High Council is pleased to announce that the following Cat Scouts passed the Botany 2 Test: Anya Gracie Aspen Felix Maggie Mau Ali Oliver Hughes Sunny Dora Tiger Trouble Pete Hartley Sammy Kimmell Jaguar Charles Chewie Shoko* Nibbler Obi Pete Sanders* Raz Allie Timmy Tomcat Fleetwood Cat Sammy Pilch Everycat who took […]