The next time Cat Scouts has a Quest, you may be tested on your ability to leave and interpret trail signs. These are signs along the trail that help you find your way and alert other scouts to dangers that might lie ahead — like vishus animals that might eat you up.


Each patrol may develop its own special set of signs, kind of like a secret language that other patrols cannot interpret. That way, as you fellows hike along a trail you can tell whether the course has been laid by a member of your patrol so you don’t follow another patrol’s direction.


Maybe your patrol decides to be a “sticks” patrol that leaves its hints in sticks along the path. Or maybe you decide to be a “pebbles” patrol that blazes the trail with pebbles leading the way. No matter which way you choose to go, be consistent, and follow the conventions shown above to leave directions, messages and warnings for fellow patrol members.

Be aware that Smoke Signals can also alert you to the presence of hooligans. If you see a cloud of cigarette smoke coming from the privy, that is a sign that some hooligans are up to NO GOOD. Alert the Denmaster or the Denmother and STAY AWAY.