gracie-cat-scout-of-the-week-1123The Cat Scouts High Council is thrilled to announce that the Cat Scout of the Week is Scout Gracie!

Gracie has been tireless in her efforts to get the WWW Wolverines Patrol set up. As you know, this is a lot of work, and lots of fellas and gals have been making it happen. But Gracie is a standout, and her patrolmates know it!

If you’re new to Cat Scouts, the Cat Scout of the Week is one of the highest honors a Cat Scout can attain. It is measured by Karma points, Activity Points, level of engagement and the feedback of fellow Cat Scouts.

Activity Points are reset once a week after the CSotW is selected. Karma points go on your Permanent Record.

If you want to find out who’s the CSotW before everyone else finds out, subscribe to the Cat Scouts weekly newsletter (sign up at the bottom of any screen).

Please join us in congratulating Gracie. Scout Gracie, we salute you!