gracie-cat-scout-of-the-MONTH-JAN2014We’re playing catch-up, and for that we apologize.

Last month, we had our first practice quest for Cat Scout Patrols. It was a rousing success, enabling scouts to put to work all of the knowledge they’ve gained through Cat Scouts. And, it gave them a leg up in future quests — ones in which the patrols will compete against each other.

A key contributor to the success of the first quest was Scout Gracie. As usual, she was a dynamo, cheering her patrol on and keeping everycat organized. We count on the Bobcats to help out all the Tenderpaws, and Scout Gracie did not disappoint. So Scout Gracie, we award you Cat Scout of the Month honors. Cat Scouts salutes you.

Please join me in congratulating Scout Gracie!