Cat Scoutcraft: How to Tie a Bowline Knot

One of the most challenging skills that Cat Scouts must learn is knot-tying. The lack of opposable thumbs does have its downside, after all. But knot-tying is also one of the valuable skills you can master, and it is especially valuable on Quests when you have overnight campouts. One of the first and most versatile […]

Super-Secret Semaphore Phlag Phun

    We’ve talked about Morse Code, and many Cat Scouts are now dah-ting and dit-ting super-secret messages all over the place! Another super-secret way to communicate is by semaphore signals, which is a little like The Village People purrforming “YMCA.” One of the fellows will climb to a high point with two semaphore flags […]

Master Morse Code

A good Cat Scout needs to master Morse Code, which is a super-secret way of communicating with your Troopmates. It is made up of dits and dahs. A dot is a “dit”, and a dash is a “dah”. Dots which are not the final element of a character became vocalized as “di”. For example, the letter […]

What’s a Woggle?

A lot of Cardwood Derby pawticipants were excited to win an official Cat Scout neckerchief and woggle, but then the question arose: “What’s a woggle?” A woggle is a neckerchief slide. It was developed many many years ago, when a few fastidious Cat Scouts decided that the knots in their neckchiefs were not very tidy, […]