Got a Date for the Valentine’s Ball?

On Valentine’s Day, don’t miss the Valentine’s Ball in Raz’s Party Room. Some scouts like brand new Tenderpaw Felix S, here, are looking for dates, so drop by the party room to help line one up if you need one — or play cupid for your friends. But you don’t need a date to have […]

Are Your Dress Uniforms Ready for the Jamboree?

The Cat Scout Jamboree will lead off with a Color Guard Procession and Assemblage, so you will need to press your dress uniforms and polish your shoes! And don’t forget: clean underpants! You can use one of the images below (we also have layered files if you can use those). If you just can’t manage, […]

Don’t Miss the Carnival this Weekend! It’s a Baconpalooza!

This weekend’s Carnival, hosted by Lion Scout Nibbler, promises to be the pork-laden event of the year! In addition to the Kissing Booth, the Guess-My-Weight-for-Cake booth, Punch and Judy, and a dunking tank, no Cat Scout will want to miss the HALL OF BACON, which includes Fortune Telling bacon. I can smell the smoky porky […]

Don’t Miss Scout Sunny/Tea’s Tea Party on Sunday!

Don’t furget that Scout Tea is hosting a Tea Party at the Campfire at 4pm ET on Sunday (8/17). You still have time to brush up on your Tea Etiquette. Etiquette is VERY important at tea pawties, particulary if your manners are still a little rough around the edges. You can brush up your tea […]

Behind the Scenes of the Bayou Tour

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Lion Scout Sammy (with the assistance of Scouts Gracie and Raz) led a brave, partying clowder of Cat Scouts on a Bayou Trip last weekend. We caught up with Sammy to get a behind-the-scenes look at this phenomenally successful activity: How did you get the idea to do […]