Astronomy Opportunity: Geminid Meteor Shower

As earth passes through the massive dusty cloud trailing a three-mile-wide space rock, the nighttime sky will light up with shooting stars on Wednesday. The Geminid meteor shower occurs every December but this year will be an especially brilliant show. A waning crescent moon will cast dim light, allowing the meteors to pop as they […]

Stargazer Badge Oppurrtunity This Weekend

You’ll have an oppurrtunity to add another stargazer badge to your sash this weekend if you observe the Taurid meteor shower. (Details at bottom of post.) Here’s the scoop from While the Taurid meteor shower doesn’t have a lot of shooting stars to offer (only about 5 per hour at its peak), the few […]

Astronomy Opp: Blackout!

You can watch online here: is the big total eclipse! Be sure not to incinerate your retinas — either wear non-counterfeit glasses or watch online! This counts as an astronomy event whether you watch online or fur real. But watching is not enough for the badge: you must also leave a comment below with […]